Monday, May 7, 2007

Lions, Tigers, Bears Say HI!!

I appreciate nature and proudly donate to the cause very often. I must admit, I probably burn too much electricity and run more water than necessary but I do my best and certainly more than most people I know. I was reading an article that basically said that kids aren’t connected enough with the outside. I can agree with that to some extent. Kids spend entirely too much time with video games and television and don’t get out to exercise enough and that is sad, too many kids are obese. However, this article wasn’t concerned with that end of the spectrum, the article was concerned with kids not “smelling the grass and hearing the wind.” This is all well and good, I’ve written entries about enjoying the moon and I appreciate the smell of the air but I wouldn’t hardly go as far as to say that this is a major problem in today’s youth as this article states!

The article even stated that kids in this generation are more concerned with the environment and help out a lot. It states that kids can tell you the problems in the rainforest and what needs to be done to fix it, but kinds don’t want to “journey in the rainforest.” Me either! I think it’s enough expressing concern about nature and doing something about it, but NOONE is going to make me pitch a tent and spend the night with the bears! I mean we still have the best economy in the world I hardly doubt we need to start figuring out how to live with animals and which berries not to touch. I think more credit needs to be given to this generation for the positive things we are doing. This generation is recycling more, volunteering more, donating money, standing up for “the cause”. I mean I had to donate 120 hours of community service just to graduate high school! Give us our props!

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