Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here Have a Book!

Every spring we get a couple of Evangelical “children of God” preaching to us how homosexuality is a sin. It bewilders me how they often times pick out this particular sin to dwell on. They don’t seem to really be against the war and they even say that George Bush is a smart man...go figure. I of course have many problems with them but what really throws me off is the fact that they use little kids to help in their idiotic work. I actually find it interesting to judge some of the idiocrasies that they speak but the fact that they had little kids passing out flyers yesterday made me literally want to vomit. The kids don’t know what the hell was going on, hell they were even chatting to the LGBT volunteers holding the rainbow flag while their daddies or uncles or cousins…whatever were preaching “the word of God.”

After telling my T.A. of the spectacle going on outside he decided to go and give them a copy of The Laramie Project and the dum-dums promised to read it. I think this is a good thing, maybe they’ll learn something. Hats off to my T.A. for thinking of such a thing.

Seek Peace


Teresa said...

False teachers are everywhere. If they are sitting on the lawns of our Universities, yelling their bile, that's bad, but they have that right.

When they are standing up in positions of power in our government..THAT's when I get my fight on.

*Jamie* said...

They do have that right...Yep Yep Yep...Still think their idiots though.