Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Stockroom From HELL!!

I have my days but I think I would be considered a neat person. Maybe my store manager at Walgreens figured that out or maybe they though I’m a good employee to represent the store, IDK. Whatever they though I sure hope they stop thinking it. So for the past few weeks I’ve been visiting other Walgreens stores and doing some stock room organizing. I spent last week at the store close to my house and it wasn’t fun and actually kind of pathetic at how bad their stockroom was. I’m talking a huge ass stockroom just completely messed up from top to bottom. I felt that the store manager should have been fired for having letting that place get so messed up but it’s not up to me, I just cleaned up. So we cleaned that place up and moved on to the store on the north side of town. Now this place is a B.I.T.C.H.!

Compared to the store by my house this store is ten times better as far as people and store organization. The stockroom is infested with RATS! They’re breeding in the stockroom and its so fucking gross! I decided to stay home today cause hell I’ve been there since Monday and couldn’t continue to deal with it. I’m going back tomorrow but needed a day off. The second day I was there one of the managers found a box full of about ten mice and a week ago they found about 30 in a corner I was working in yesterday. I think they should close the store and burn it and the rebuild it lol but that might be kind of pricey. I’m just happy tomorrow is my last day and I can go back to my rat free store and be happy.

Message: Clean up your damn mess….

Seek Peace

Monday, June 9, 2008

How To React

I was watching Logo (gay and lesbian television network) earlier today and there was a program on about gay and lesbian people and the problems they face at work. The part that really caught my attention was a segment about a beautician coming out to her boss who is also her best friend. I noticed how hurt the lesbian woman was when her best friend reacted negatively and tried to anoint her with holy oil. Her friend assured her that her job wasn’t in danger but that public intimacy was prohibited. It must be said that her friend did later come to terms with her homosexuality but still lingered with a level of homophobia. As I was watching this segment the question that hit me was, what’s an appropriate reaction when coming out? It is OK for to have an “I don’t care what the hell you think” type attitude with people or does it matter who the person is? Is it necessary to “respect” the feelings of the person I’m telling? When I began coming out to people I was never really afraid of what they thought of me, I was more afraid of what I would think of them if they had a negative reaction to my coming out. As I watched this program I really wanted the lesbian woman to just say, “hey this is my life, you can be my friend or kick rocks.” That’s essentially what I said to most of the people I came out to. I guess it comes a time in ones life where you have to be yourself and people have to accept you as you are. It’s not like the woman was confessing about a past drug addiction, I don’t know maybe it’s me but for whatever reason, I got really annoyed.

Seek Peace

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So I know it’s been like forever and a day but I’ve decided that if I have a blog then I should probably write on it. Life has been kinda weird the last few weeks because I got a job! Can you believe it? Karen thought I wouldn’t be able to do it but lo and behold it happened. Working at Walgreens isn’t all that fun but it’s a job and it gets me some extra money in the bank. I can’t complain. More to come….

Seek Peace.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hypocrisy of Organized Religion

I grew up the son of minister. From a very young boy I understood what right and wrong were in the context of my church and religion. As I grew older I became a very active member learning and listening so that one day I could tell every man and woman, boy and girl that the wages of sin is death and the gift of God is eternal life.

I was still very young when I began to notice the worms in the apple of my faith. I remember, among other things, family members telling telemarketers that no one was home and wondering why that wasn’t breaking the Ten Commandments. I remember the secrets that the church held. I remember that Jon and Mary weren’t having a good marriage because Jon likes Abby better. How is it then, with all of our faults, can we cast such strict judgment to those who don’t adhere to the gospel of Christ when we yet falter ourselves?

We know that there has been hypocrisy in the church stretching far back to the Roman Catholic and even after the church reform. We know that Catholic officials centuries ago, exploited people and that it took them centuries to throw out the made-up thought of purgatory. How is it then can we come down on homosexuality and gay marriage with the “vengeance of God” while we pay for the silence of individuals molested by priests?

Our black churches want to fight for black civil rights and stand against gay civil rights not keeping in mind that civil rights are indeed civil rights nonetheless. Our black churches give their reason using the Bible to say that homosexuality is wrong. That same Bible that said that slavery is right. My heart says that we’ve lost our way.

The problem with organized religion is that no one can be pleased. Rather you practice Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or any others; someone is going to be left out. I’ve read the Holy Bible, The Koran, and The Bhagavad-Gita and the one idea that reigns supreme between the texts is the idea of love and happiness. Organized religion with its superiority complexes cannot practice that idea only. We’re stricken with the belief that someone has to be wrong and someone else has to be right.

If there ever was a promise from God, we lost that when we used his name for anything other than what his son, Jesus Christ promised, love. Jesus preached, “love thy neighbor as thyself” and “Love ye one another.” We use the Bible to justify our hate and use our own government to enforce it, this government that uses the Constitution of the United States as its handbook to law and leadership, and this same Constitution written by our forefathers who didn’t want religion anywhere near our government.

Religion is given to us as proof that there is something better in some respect, a better past, a better present, and hopefully a better future. Our religion is here as a celebration of the better in all of us, and the history behind our lives. Our religion is a celebration of our freedom, our freedom to worship and to sacrifice our lives to the better. So we need to adhere to the doctrine of our faith and do better. We need to live better, respect each other better, and, most of all, love ye one another.

Seek Peace

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To My Best Friend

I extend a hand to help lift you up
And nothing I get in return.

I offer my home for you to lye your head
And still nothing I get in return.

I give you presents to make you feel comfortable
And yet not a thing in return.

I beam to you a smile when I feel like screaming
And not one thing in return.

Although we disagree you are my best friend
And that’s just enough in return.

I’ll see you later…

Seek Peace

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Thinking

The warmth of the late summer air hits my face as I approach the morning head-on
I feel small in comparison to the challenges I face
Tap tap says my shoes as they pound the pavement heading toward the bus
Challenges….challenges…..Psychology, English, Shakespeare all in one day

Who’s to say that I will accomplish anything
I have yet to fail in my pursuit of happiness promised to me by the forefathers
Ring ring says the bell as I start my first challenge
Happiness…happiness….home, sleep, love, peace

First challenge ends, second one begins and life goes on
But there’s always happiness…happiness and challenges…challenges
How does it end?

A brisk chill hits my cheeks as the night air whispers the beginning of the fall
My mind wanders to the warmth of the morning but I’m taken back by the chill of this night
Scratch scratch speaks my tired feet as they slide across the pavement
Challenges….challenges…studying….happiness…happiness… I’m home
It doesn’t end but only begins…challenges equals happiness…but life goes on.

Seek Peace

Friday, September 14, 2007

Loosing Weight In Five Steps

I promised I would give you tips that I used while loosing weight. I don’t claim to be a weight loss expert so this is just my personal experiences and tips that helped me. I would advise everyone to consult your physician about weight loss. was a big help and gives excellent tips to a healthy diet.

Going along with the nature of my blog I must say that a positive attitude was a key component to loosing weight. Staying positive and understanding and accepting that it isn’t easy are, in my opinion, the best ways to start off your journey. Loosing weight isn’t easy but it can be fun. So the first step is have the right attitude, be positive.

I’m a very picky person in probably every area there is and food is definitely no exception. I was raised on the best quality of meats and produce so my shopping budget is pretty steep and while I’m not struggling at all, I was afraid that healthy eating would really put me over. It didn’t. You must tailor your diet to fit your lifestyle and that doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re totally not used to buying anything healthy then it might take a couple of punches in your wallet to get the hang of it but you will after a couple of market trips. Even Aldi sell whole-wheat and natural products! Tailoring your diet to your lifestyle is very simple because you know you better than anyone else. If you feel that it is necessary to reward yourself once a week, once every two weeks etc. then do it but use moderation. I personally couldn’t do it; it seemed more like a tease than a reward. So step two is to tailor your diet to fit you.

Visit the pyramid link above and check out what your daily amounts of nutrients from each food group are and worship them! Again I would advise you to visit your doctor to double check what’s necessary cause some of us might need more or less of a certain group than others. Stick to your daily amounts! It’s ok to make mistakes but try and stick to your pyramid so that you can build that metabolism. Step three is to get your pyramid and stick with it. I posted mine right on my refrigerator door!

They’re still debating on the amount of meals per day but I would advise simply not to get hungry. This is one of the most important steps I would think. Don’t let your body tell you that it’s hungry. Cool ways to do this are to eat your three squares per day and snack on fruits and nuts often. My breakfast often included a turkey sausage or two, two egg whites, whole-wheat toast with Smart Balance butter, and a piece of fruit with coffee or tea with fat free cream or skim milk and Equal sugar. Lunch would often include a whole-wheat turkey sandwich with fat free Miracle Whip, lettuce and tomatoes. Dinner was always different but a cool meal is spaghetti with ground turkey and whole-wheat noodles, now the debate is still on with the sauces but I would advise you to go for it. I like Classico spaghetti sauce and had used it two or three times per week so just go for it, besides tomato sauce with whole-wheat noodles is one of the healthiest meals. Step four has to be, don’t get hungry.

Ok so here is the step everyone is afraid of, get out there and move!!! Get off your lazy bum!!! I never sat around and complained about loosing weight I knew I had to do it so one day I just got off my lazy ass and did it. Stop sitting around complaining about being fat and not doing anything about it. Get out there and move. Walk thirty minutes per day and they don’t have to be consecutive, you can spread them out. Do some strength training like push-ups and sit-ups. You can do it, I believe in you! Be careful exercising though if done improperly you can hurt yourself. Our final step, step five, is to get the hell up and move!

I know how it feels to be overweight. I know the emotional burdens and the physical ones. I lost ten inches off my waist. You can be healthy don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t or that it is too hard. I really hope that this entry helped you or someone you know get their health in control. May the peace of God guide you and be strong…I know you can do it!

A cool book that helps: You On A Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

Seek Peace