Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Stockroom From HELL!!

I have my days but I think I would be considered a neat person. Maybe my store manager at Walgreens figured that out or maybe they though I’m a good employee to represent the store, IDK. Whatever they though I sure hope they stop thinking it. So for the past few weeks I’ve been visiting other Walgreens stores and doing some stock room organizing. I spent last week at the store close to my house and it wasn’t fun and actually kind of pathetic at how bad their stockroom was. I’m talking a huge ass stockroom just completely messed up from top to bottom. I felt that the store manager should have been fired for having letting that place get so messed up but it’s not up to me, I just cleaned up. So we cleaned that place up and moved on to the store on the north side of town. Now this place is a B.I.T.C.H.!

Compared to the store by my house this store is ten times better as far as people and store organization. The stockroom is infested with RATS! They’re breeding in the stockroom and its so fucking gross! I decided to stay home today cause hell I’ve been there since Monday and couldn’t continue to deal with it. I’m going back tomorrow but needed a day off. The second day I was there one of the managers found a box full of about ten mice and a week ago they found about 30 in a corner I was working in yesterday. I think they should close the store and burn it and the rebuild it lol but that might be kind of pricey. I’m just happy tomorrow is my last day and I can go back to my rat free store and be happy.

Message: Clean up your damn mess….

Seek Peace

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