Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just Thinking

The warmth of the late summer air hits my face as I approach the morning head-on
I feel small in comparison to the challenges I face
Tap tap says my shoes as they pound the pavement heading toward the bus
Challenges….challenges…..Psychology, English, Shakespeare all in one day

Who’s to say that I will accomplish anything
I have yet to fail in my pursuit of happiness promised to me by the forefathers
Ring ring says the bell as I start my first challenge
Happiness…happiness….home, sleep, love, peace

First challenge ends, second one begins and life goes on
But there’s always happiness…happiness and challenges…challenges
How does it end?

A brisk chill hits my cheeks as the night air whispers the beginning of the fall
My mind wanders to the warmth of the morning but I’m taken back by the chill of this night
Scratch scratch speaks my tired feet as they slide across the pavement
Challenges….challenges…studying….happiness…happiness… I’m home
It doesn’t end but only begins…challenges equals happiness…but life goes on.

Seek Peace

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