Monday, September 10, 2007

Hello Again

I know I haven’t been posting in like forever but I’ve had a pretty eventful summer. I don’t care to go into detail but do know that I have slowly grown as a person over this stretch of time and I’m liking the result. I feel more confident in myself and my personality. I’ve also lost around 10 inches off my waist since the start of my college career (2 years). That doesn’t seem like much but it is and I’m pretty happy about it, my next post -whenever I get to it- will be my experiences with losing weight and my advice.

So allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Jamie and I’m a positive person writing to both positive-minded and negative-minded people. I’m here to convince the negative-minded people to change their ways and the positive-minded people to stay strong. I’m pro gay and anti abortion, pro Christianity and anti denominations. There are many different pages to my person but it’s all positive and all fun so if this is the type of blog for you then feel free to stop by. Also, if you would like to respond privately or have a private opinion about something, feel free to e-mail me: whitej020@yahoo

Seek Peace

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