Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sweet Sounds of Music

Saturday night I attended a concert by Oscar, Emmy and Grammy award winning violinist Joshua Bell. If any of you want to hear what heaven sounds like through a musical instrument then you should definitely attend one of his concerts or buy one of his CD’s. I’m more into classical music than any of my friends –or family for that matter- so they don’t really understand when I make such a big deal out of such an event but I firmly believe that if you clear your mind and your heart, you would seriously enjoy the quality of his music and the levels of peace it will bring you.

Music is such a serious part of our lives and so strongly tied to who we are and the memories we have. I’m visiting my extended family in Rockford and we were on our way home from church today when someone brought up an old children’s song from our Barney days –and for all you fashion experts I’m not talking about the clothing store- When I heard the song she was singing I freaked out and was like, “OMG! I remember that!” and for the rest of the ride we were singing old childhood songs and all the while, I was recalling memories from my childhood. I said all that to prove how important music is to us and not just any music but it’s always the music that’s the dearest to us and close to our hearts.

Some of my old friends and I used to argue about profanity in music. I would argue that it should be taken away from our culture and others would argue the exact opposite. Needless to say I still stick by my opinion. Just as we should try and refrain from polluting the earth, we should also refrain from polluting our minds and hearts. This includes not letting ourselves be conflicted with the negativity that is in this type of music. We’re confronted with enough negativity in our everyday lives, why should we bring it into our personal self? Give positive music a try and let its uplifting nature help us with our continuing efforts to Seek Peace.

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