Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Attack On Gay Marriage

I was reading this article a few minutes ago that attacked gay marriage:

Maybe I’m a drama queen but it really hurts my heart to see the amount of hate that exists out there in our world. Now you’re probably thinking that I should be used to it by now especially seeing it face to face working with Fair Wisconsin, but I don’t really believe one could ever get used to it. The writer was so condescending and ignorant that I didn’t believe –in all honesty- that he had a heart. I mean how can a person who confesses to love their fellow human beings be so obtuse when it comes to those human beings life. Throughout the article he merely compared homosexual relationships to a relationship you might have with a family member or roommate. He strung the language along so well that even a very intelligent and sensitive friend of mine fell for parts of his argument. While he might have been strategic and thought provoking in comparing homosexual relationships to that of non-sexual loving relationships, he left out the fact that homosexuality is not a choice and our hearts don’t contain an on/off button. Furthermore, if you believe that we could control our emotions or you believe in “de-gayification” then you should probably have a conversation with former pastor of the Evangelical Church, Ted Haggard and ask him how difficult it is to control.

Mr. Ignorant also acknowledged in so many pointless words that marriage and the benefits that it holds is for the sake of the children that heterosexual couples have in that marriage. I wonder if our friend knows that not all heterosexuals get married for the children and yet have the same rights as the heterosexual couples that breed. If we’re going to run with this argument then we should deny marriage to heterosexual couples who aren’t planning on having children or who are sterile.

My face was hot throughout his article but I did get a laugh at the end when he retreated to the Stone Age and spoke about arranged marriages. He retorted to an arguments made by a homosexual individual that stated that, “marriage is about love.” He argued that “marriage and love don’t always go together…In fact, they seldom do” –I’m sure his wife would love to hear that- I’m going to argue that there’s some initial love involved when people get married today –although you heteros like getting divorced- and while arranged marriages take place it’s not enough to support your argument.

Friends, these types of people aren’t going away. For every optimist there are multiple pessimists and for every do-gooder there are many naysayers’. It’s very difficult to live in our wonderful world with these individuals but it is sincerely up to us to fight the great fight and bring some knowledge to these people. When I finished his article I was almost brought to tears hoping he didn’t have a family and thinking about the trash that he would be teaching his children, it hurts my heart. I could only hope that God be lineate with these people come judgment day and while we’re still in the land of the living I’ll continue my efforts to help rid these people of their ignorance and help them to…

…Seek Peace

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Anonymous said...

Hey there buddy wow i am really impressed with your thoughts on this article i did skim through the article just because you know me i am not very big on politics with or without know i should be a little concerned because i am a part of the community...but this just go to show how ignorant people can be at times...but we are the ones that have to be the bigger person and just turn our cheek and keep our heads high...god will come through for us one day...i have faith and so do you...and i just love how you are so truly are a good person and are going to make a mark in history no doubt about that!!!Love ya!!!