Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mr. Josh Groban

Last Saturday I had the wonderful privilege of attending a concert by the one and only Josh Groban. Now I’ve paid extreme homage to Joshua Bell in a past post but he couldn’t seriously touch Josh Groban at all! I bought the tickets about a month and a half before the concert and the days slowly passed. I was so extremely nervous about attending the concert partly because so many people have told me that they’ve been disappointed after attending a concert because their artists don’t sound as good in person. I’m happy to say that it wasn’t the case with my Josh. He was extremely funny and very excellent, but beyond all of that this was both a positive and entertaining experience for me.

After leaving the concert and waiting in the cold for a taxi, I realized that I had just attended a huge concert and it was a supremely positive experience. I didn’t have to worry about people getting drunk and falling over nor did I have to worry about a song full of foul language or people around me expressing themselves through foul language. It was again a very positive and inspiring experience. I would sincerely ask all those who view this blog to immediately close this page and find some of his wonderful music, enjoy it, and believe me it will help you in your hopefully continuous quest to…

Seek Peace

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