Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wake Up

I decided to take a break from watching the West Wing and do some regular cleaning. For the past couple of nights I’ve been having trouble sleeping and couldn’t figure out why. I was emptying the trash when I looked up at the sky and suddenly felt better. I haven’t seen the moon or stars in a while and it felt good to marvel in things that you have no control over. You see, I’ve been worrying about some things that I can’t do much about and I needed this night to help me discover that those things don’t matter and won’t affect my life in any way. I often think that I can control the outcome of things when I have to realize that I can’t control everything. I sure would like to but I can’t. I’ve been worried about a guy friend of mine who told a lie on me and I haven’t been able to get that off my chest until tonight. I gazed up at the sky and really felt better…and worse…at the same time. You see while I was letting this situation go I was also letting go a piece of my mind that has been there for almost two weeks. I did my part in his situation and I should have left that alone a long time ago but that’s old news now.

Friends we are living in very suspicious time now and when someone says to live life…please take them at their word. I love myself too much to let negativity put me down and you should too. Get up from your computers and go outside and take a look at God’s wonderful creation, go splurge and buy your pets an expensive toy that they’ll play with twice and leave alone, call your kids in the room and shoot them a smile and a wink (you don’t have to speak “I love you” to express it), call your lover in and give them a kiss on the hand or the cheek and finally call your parents they could never hear from you enough. Also, call a friend over and look them in the eyes and say “I trust you” I bet they’ll never forget it. I really don’t believe we treat ourselves with enough love and respect, we should. I do love you all…don’t forget that…

Seek Peace

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