Thursday, March 8, 2007


Why do they hate us daddy?
My son asked as I laid him to bed.

Remember hate is a word that we never ever use
But who is it that hates you? I said.

The kids at my school said that we’re going to hell
So I asked my teacher “what do they mean?”

She said that my parent’s were men so were all sinners
Unless we started to live a life that was pure and clean.

Why do they hate us daddy?
Son lets try not to use that word.

But they’re so mean to us why shouldn’t we be mean back?
Isn’t our country at war because our country was attacked?

Son we’re at war because our leader isn’t being one
And your classmates act the way they do because intelligence our society lacks.

By now he was tiredly rubbing his eyes
after all the confusion and worry I suppose.

So I whispered to him that we’ll finish tomorrow
And wiped the tears that slid down my nose.

Daddy, he said as I rose to my feet
Can I use the word once more before I go to sleep?

Go ahead Son I said with bracing ears
Worried about his thoughts and holding back the tears

He sat up in his bed to get my full attention
I squinted my eyes and cocked my head so he was to know I was listening to him

He spoke words that I keep caged in my heart and will hold them there forever
He gripped his sheets and looked straight up and said Daddy I would never hate them.

By: Jamie

Seek Peace


Teresa said...

Hate damages both the hate-ee and the hate-or.

Now anger, anger is another matter.

And sometimes, rightous rage is even appropriate.

But hateing is just another way to let someone else defile your spirit.

Anonymous said...

Powerful poem. Great analysis, Teresa. I like the distinction between hate and anger. But where does strong dislike fit in? Aversion? Are these feelings appropriate?

-- Doug Beach

Karen said...

Hopefully your son-to-be will never have to experience this. Perhaps something will happen and people will learn to accept people who are different and not to fan the flames of hate.