Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A New Blogger

Why did I start a blog?
I credit a friend of mine, Karen, for inspiring me to start a blog. Beyond that, I really found responding to her blog very interesting

I think it would be necessary to explain my blog title in this first entry. Sensibility, Positivity, and Peace are three different yet similar words. One way they connect is the notion that all three should be incorporated into the every day life of every human being. By incorporating these you not only feel better about your life but you make those close to you feel the same (believe me!). I’m not saying to go around all jumpy singing about rainbows and skittles- I fall short many days and forget my bearings- just keep those three ideas on a conscious level.

I think I’ve talked enough for my first entry. Keep checking back for all thoughts on Sensibility, Positivity, and Peace and other random stuff.

Seek Peace

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Anonymous said...

Hey james love the blog...maybe i should start one...ure so really could be the next oprah!!!